50 Must-Have ‘Getting-Ready’ Photos for Your Wedding

Getting-ready photos are a great way to capture the excitement and anticipation of your wedding day. They show how it all came together and the effort you have put into the planning.

Looking back on joyful behind-the-scene shots of you getting your hair and make-up done, getting into your dress and toasting with bridesmaids will make you feel warm and fuzzy as you flip through your wedding album.

Check out these must-have ‘getting-ready’ photos for your wedding we have taken in Birmingham and the West Midlands over the past 20 years.

1. Pamper Shot

Plan your photographer to arrive after getting your hair and make-up done, so they can capture shots of you getting all glammed up.

2. Fetching The Dress

A photo of your bridesmaids fetching the dress is an action shot worth taking as part of your morning preparations.

3. All Tied Up!

The groom tying his tie before the wedding ceremony is a fun behind-the-scene moment to capture before he gets married.

4. A Photo of the Grandparents

Everyone wants to look their best on your special day. So, if you are blessed to have your grandparents around, include them in your day.

5. A Shot With Your Four-Legged Friend

Dog and cat owners regard pets as part of the family. And they make a great addition to your getting-ready photos.

6. A Cinderella Moment!

Before heading to the church or wedding venue, your maid of honour may help you tie your shoes.

7. First Look With Your Bridesmaids

A photo of your bridesmaids admiring you in your wedding dress is a touching pre-ceremony shot and a sweet addition to your ‘must-have’ list.

8. First Look with Dad

The look on your dad’s face as he sees you for the first time coming down the stairs is a heartwarming moment worth capturing.

9. Attaching the Veil

Wearing a veil is a symbol of reverence for women. There is something romantic about covering your face and revealing yourself to your nearest and dearest on the altar.

10. Getting Into Your Dress

Once the dress is on, a snapshot of mum or a bridesmaid buttoning or zipping you up is a lovely addition to any wedding album.

11. A Formal Portrait

A solo shot of you all made-up and wearing a big fluffy dress will make you feel like a movie star.

12. Kids Jumping on the Bed

Kids do what kids do best – have fun! So, grabbing a picture of them being silly and jumping on the bed is a sweet moment to capture.

13. Reading a Letter From Your Partner

Love letters describe why you cannot wait to marry your partner. Exchanging them before the ceremony is a sweet practice that adds to the romance.

14. Congratulatory Note

Your guests will want to wish you joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day. During a precious moment of solitude, a shot like this captures a private, magical moment.

15. A Giddy Moment With Your MOH

Your right-hand woman has been there for you through many difficult times over a long period. Including a shot of you with your maid of honour will show her how much her friendship means to you.

16. A Garter Shot

A garter is a fun addition to your outfit. And the perfect costume accessory for your special day. A sexy garter shot is not for everyone but is a significant behind-the-scene moment for many brides.

17. Kids Getting Ready

Many couples involve kids in their wedding, so a shot of them getting ready adds a sweet (and sometimes amusing) touch to the pre-ceremony photos.

18. Getting Ready Together

Not all couples get ready in separate locations. You may stay under the same roof before marrying. If so, add some creative shots of you both getting ready on the morning of your special day to the mix.

19. Cheers!

Your wedding day has finally arrived! A champagne toast to the bride, and those who helped to make your day special, is in order and makes a top shot.

20. The Flower Girl

The flower girl is often the youngest person in the wedding party and precedes the bride down the aisle and scatters flower petals during the precessional. Include a cute snap of the tiniest member of your group.

21. The Page Boy

A picture of the page boy is a lovely way to include children in your special day and they look adorable walking down the aisle with you.

22. A Mirror Shot

Your reflection in a mirror, all dressed up and looking your best is a lovely behind-the-scene moment for your photographer to capture.

23. Heaven Scent

A shot of the bride applying her perfume is a signature moment before she heads off for church to get married. You will look back fondly on a photo like this.

24. Staircase Shot

A romantic staircase shot of you coming down the stairs is a dramatic pre-ceremony moment for the wedding album.

25. Suiting Up

Photos of the bride getting ready are essential, but don’t forget the men! They may not take as long to get ready as the girls, but some action shots of the groom getting suited & booted are also essential.

26. A Troublesome Moment

In the morning, the groom or groomsmen may struggle with their buttonholes. A candid shot of some troublesome moment adds a touch of realism to your wedding story.

27. Silly Selfies

In this day and age, a selfie will inevitably ensue. Seeing a candid pic like this will make you laugh as you look through your album.

28. A Close Shave

This cheeky wedding snap is for the groom – a sneaky shot of him shaving before suiting and booting!

29. Calm Before the Storm

Having a cup of tea to calm your nerves before the preparations begin is a very British thing to do. This picture captures a behind-the-scenes moment that symbolizes the calm before the storm.

30. Goofing About

The wedding party goofing about can make some unique getting-ready photos. In this shot, a bridesmaid blindfolded the groom, applied lipstick and then asked him to take a cocktail stick from the moth of his best man. A super shot!

31. The Brides Bouquet

Once the flowers have arrived, it’s a good time for your photographer to snap a shot of them while they look fresh.

32. Tender Moments

Take solo portraits with each of your parents — you’ll treasure them for years to come

33. Embarrassing Moment (Groom)

A picture of the groom stepping out of the shower and seeing your photojournalist pointing a camera at them make a humorous snap for your wedding album. Pics like this make your day authentic!

34. Embarrassing Moment (Bride)

Your wedding photographer knows their job is to make you look great and to pick their moments carefully. Nonetheless, some embarrassing moments are timeless and amusing for everyone to see.

35. A Father-Daughter Moment

Give your dad one last hug before you walk down the aisle. A heartwarming shot like this is unmissable.

36. Dapper Gents

A shot of the groom and his groomsmen in their outfits and accessories is a good idea while the bride finishes getting ready.

37. A Hanging Dress Picture

A photo of your dress can look great on, and also magical as a still-life shot. Hang it on a curtain rod, tree, picture frame, chandelier or ledge. There are many places to hang the wedding dress for this solo shot.

38. Surrounded by the Bridesmaids

There will be a moment in the morning when the bridesmaids surround you and help you prep for your big day. Capture this intimate shot for prosperity.

39. Close-Up of Your Dress

Small buttons on the back of your dress need fastening. An intimate moment of your mum or maid of honour using a crochet hook (or fingers!) to fasten the buttons through the tiny loops makes a nice photo.

40. Boutonnières

Lying in the kitchen or on a chair will be a box containing the boutonnières or buttonholes for men. Get a close-up of this small detail while they look fresh.

41. Small Details (The Bride)

In addition to the dress hanging up, it’s also a good idea to take pictures of the small details before they get worn. A solo shot of the shoes, a bracelet or other accessories reminds us of wedding details we sometimes forget.

42. Small Details (The Groom)

If the men wear hats to the wedding, a photo of them hanging up (or other accessories) is another small detail to capture in the morning.

43. Paper Items

A candid shot of the wedding invitations or other paper details as you find them (i.e. not staged) complements your list of behind-the-scene ‘getting-ready’ photos.

44. Gifts

Exchanging gifts before the ceremony is a precious moment you’ll want to preserve. A creative shot like the one above reflects a private side of the bride, which gets it onto our list of must-have getting-ready photos.

45. Relaxing With Rollers

Your photographer must take this amusing candid shot while you sit back with rollers in your hair and enjoy a glass of bubbly while waiting for your hairstyle to set. Pure gold!

46. Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hair

After your hair stylist takes the rollers out, they will backcomb your hair to add volume so it stays. This shot makes an amusing behind-the-scene moment worth remembering.

47. The Big Reveal

Your dress has been in its plastic hanger for what seems like ages. Now is the time for the big reveal! This shot of you removing your wedding dress is a heartwarming moment to capture.

48. Tie Confusion Moment

Many people haven’t worn a tie since school. So on their wedding day, a groom often struggles to tie up their tie. A photo like this of guests viewing a YouTube video about “How should a groom tie his tie?” makes an amusing snapshot.

49. Paparazzi Shot

Your guests will treat you like a movie star on your special day. How? By snapping pictures of you like they’re paparazzi!

50. Reflected Glory

When your make-up artist has finished, they will pass you a mirror so you can admire the results. This snapshot is a must-have shot because it will show you beaming with joy at how wonderful you look.

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