30 Ideas for Natural-Looking Wedding Portraits

Some couples don’t like posing for wedding portraits on their big day. Others are happy not to pose at all – they are okay for their wedding photographer to document the day as it unfolds. But if you are anxious about posing for pictures on your wedding day. Don’t worry, because a documentary wedding photographer will know when to capture natural-looking wedding portraits to make you look great!

Here are 30 ideas for natural-looking wedding portraits to consider. And many of these wedding photos require no posing at all!

And if you’re a photographer struggling to think of new ways to pose the happy couple, this list of natural-looking wedding portraits might inspire you to capture some new poses at your next wedding.

1. The First Look

“The First Look” is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day, typically during the wedding ceremony. The look on the couple’s faces is an intimate moment to capture. And a great way to capture the emotion and excitement of the day.

2. Walking or Running

Walking and running at weddings are a reflection of the mood and the atmosphere of the event. Have photos going for a slow and steady walk because it’s a relaxing way to capture natural-looking wedding portraits. And photos of a spontaneous run can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate the occasion.

3. Side Profile Portrait

A documentary wedding photographer captures authentic moments of the couple and their guest not looking at the camera. So, instead of looking straight at the photographer, turn 90 degrees and look the other way. This “Side Profile” portrait shows the couple’s face from a side angle, typically with the nose, lips, and one side of the face visible. A side profile portrait is a powerful and striking way to capture the beauty and essence of the couple.

4. The Embrace or Touch

Embraces and touches are gestures of physical affection commonly seen at weddings. They are used to express love, congratulations, and support and happen between family members, friends, and the newlyweds. Photos of physical affection require no direction – just a keen eye!

5. Holding Hands

Holding hands is a gesture of affection seen at weddings, particularly between the bride and groom. This simple gesture can symbolize unity, support, and commitment. Holding hands creates a sense of closeness and connection between the married couple. Photos of the couple holding hands capture the emotional and romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

6. Resting Foreheads

Another gesture seen at weddings involves the couple bringing their foreheads together and resting them against each other for a moment of closeness and intimacy. The “Resting Foreheads” portrait captures a tender and intimate moment of tenderness and intimacy during a special day.

7. One Leading the Other

There are moments during a wedding day when one leads the other. This gesture involves one partner taking the lead and guiding the other partner (e.g., the groom helping the bride into the wedding car). It is a gesture that symbolizes the connection, trust, and unity between the bride and groom. This photo captures the romantic and celebratory atmosphere of the wedding.

8. First Dance

The first dance is a traditional part of many wedding receptions and is one of the evening’s most romantic and intimate moments. This dance usually involves the newlyweds dancing together as a couple for the first time as husband and wife. The “First Dance” portrait is a beautiful moment to capture because it celebrates the couple’s love in front of their loved ones.

9. The Kiss

The “The Kiss” is a time-honoured tradition that signifies the commitment and love between newlyweds. It is typically the first public display of affection between the bride and groom after they have been officially pronounced married by the officiant. This nature-looking wedding portrait creates a lasting memory that the couple will treasure for years to come.

10. Carrying the Bride

“Carrying the Bride” typically involves the groom carrying his new bride in his arms for a brief period, often as they leave the wedding ceremony or during a photo session. It can be a way for the groom to demonstrate his strength and love for his new wife.

Some couples may choose to modify or personalize the tradition. For example, the bride may carry the groom or they may carry each other, creating a sense of equality and partnership in their marriage.

11. Looking-Down (The Bride)

A “Looking-Down” portrait of the bride can be a beautiful and unique addition to a wedding photography collection. It is a type of wedding photography where the bride looks down or away from the camera. It can capture the bride’s personality and style timelessly and artistically. And provide a beautiful and memorable keepsake to treasure for years to come.

12. Buttoning-up (The Groom)

Buttoning-up captures the groom as he prepares for his wedding day. This type of photography typically involves the groom putting on his suit and buttoning it up while looking away from the camera. The photographer may also focus on details like the groom’s cufflinks, watch, and other accessories. These details can add elegance and sophistication to the image and beautiful contrast to the groom’s attire.

13. Looking at the Rings

Looking at the rings captures the moment when the bride and groom showcase their unique personalities and styles while highlighting the beauty and significance of their wedding rings. This type of portrait can be a beautiful and intimate representation of the love and commitment between the couple.

14. Looking Into Each Other’s Eyes

There will be times on the wedding day when the couple stands face to face, gaze into each other’s eyes, and hold each other close. It’s a moment that captures the intimate and emotional connection between the bride and groom. This photo is a beautiful keepsake for them to treasure for years to come.

15. Having Fun!

The couple often organises entertainment for their guests during the wedding reception. This type of photography typically involves capturing candid shots of the bride, groom, and their guests as they relax, dance, and enjoy the festivities. Having fun at a wedding is a big part of the celebration, and “Having Fun” portraits can capture those moments of joy and laughter that makes the day special.

16. Inside the Wedding Car

Taking pictures inside the wedding car captures intimate moments of the bride and groom as they travel from one location to another on their wedding day. This natural-looking wedding portraits capture the couple in a relaxed and intimate setting.

17. Feeding Each Other Cake

Feeding cake to each other is a tradition of many Western wedding receptions. It usually takes place towards the end of the evening, after the main meal and the speeches. A “Feeding Each Other Cake” portrait is a sweet and fun way to capture the newlyweds union and commitment to each other.

18. Applying Makeup

Applying makeup is a common practice for many brides and wedding guests on the day of a wedding. In the morning, the makeup artist will apply makeup to the bride’s face to create a flawless finish. It can help individuals feel confident while enhancing the beauty and elegance of the wedding. Beauty products also create a cohesive look that complements one’s outfit and the occasion. This kind of portrait captures individuals feeling confident and put together.

19. The Classic Pose

“The Classic Pose” is a traditional wedding photography pose that captures the bride and groom standing close to each other, with the groom’s arms wrapped around the bride’s waist and the bride’s hands resting on the groom’s arms or chest.

This shot is a beautiful and iconic wedding photography pose that has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for capturing the beauty and romance of a wedding day.

20. The Jump!

“The Jump” is a modern and fun pose that has become increasingly popular recently. It involves the bride and groom jumping together while holding hands or embracing and reflects the excitement and joy of the newlyweds on their wedding day. Some couples may incorporate props or accessories, such as balloons, confetti, or sparklers, to add to the festive atmosphere of the photo.

21. Picture From Behind

A “Picture From Behind” is a natural-looking portrait that shows the couple’s backs as they stand together. This type of photography captures the bride’s gown and the details of the groom’s suit. A picture from behind can be a beautiful and unique addition to a wedding album, capturing a different perspective of the day and showcasing the beauty and elegance of the bride and groom.

22. Hand on Chest

In the “Hand on Chest” pose, the groom will typically stand with one hand on his chest and the other holding the bride’s hand or resting on her waist. The bride will stand close to the groom with her body slightly turned towards him.

The couple may also look at each other, or they may look at the camera, depending on the desired effect. This is a romantic and intimate pose that captures the love and connection between the bride and groom.

23. Cake-Cutting

The cake-cutting typically takes place after the main meal and before the start of the dancing and other festivities. The couple will usually stand side by side, with the bride holding the cake knife and the groom holding her hand. They will make a small cut into the cake and then take the first slice together.

The “Cake-Cutting” portrait symbolizes the love, commitment, and celebration of the newlyweds’ union. It is a sweet and memorable (and sometimes candid) moment cherished by the couple.

24. Sitting Down

In a “Sitting Down” portrait, the couple will sit together in a relaxed and intimate position. This pose captures the connection and closeness between the newlyweds during a quiet moment. The couple may be looking at each other, or they may be looking towards the camera, depending on the desired effect. It is a beautiful addition to any wedding album.

25. Off-Centre

An “Off-Centre” portrait is a composition that involves positioning the couple off to one side of the frame rather than in the centre. This wedding portrait is a creative and dynamic pose that adds visual interest and depth to the photograph.

26. Wide-Angle Portrait

Using a wide-angle lens to capture a broader view of the couple and their surroundings creates a more dramatic and expansive composition. The “Wide-Angle” portrait can showcase the beauty and grandeur of the wedding venue or location. This pose can create a unique and memorable image that captures the couple’s personality and reflects the mood and atmosphere of the wedding day.

27. The Stand-Apart

Positioning the bride and groom a few feet apart captures the individuality and unique personalities of the couple while still showcasing their connection and love for each other. The “Stand-Apart” portrait is a creative and individualistic wedding photography pose that can showcase the unique personalities of the bride and groom.

28. Listening to Speeches

During the speeches, the bride and groom are seated at a designated table family members, friends, or the wedding party take turns delivering their speeches. The couple may hold hands or sit close to each other, and their facial expressions can range from emotional to joyful, depending on the content of the speeches. Photographs of “Listening to the Speeches” capture the emotions, stories, and memories shared during this wedding moment.

29. Attitude Pose

This stylish-looking wedding portrait involves the couple adopting a confident stance, often with a touch of attitude. This pose captures the couple’s unique personality and can create a bold and memorable image. The “Attitude Pose” is a creative and bold wedding portrait.

30. Candid Portrait

A “Candid Portrait” captures the essence and personality of the bride, groom, and guests in a way that feels authentic and unscripted. To capture Candid Portraits, photographers often use a documentary style of photography, where they blend in with the crowd and capture moments as they happen, without any intervention or posing.

Overall, this list of natural-looking wedding portraits is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any wedding album, as they capture the natural and authentic moments that make the wedding day special.

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